1. When arriving at the clinic, please call 613-704-1600 to notify reception that you have arrived, and answer the COVID-19 screening questions.
  2. The receptionist will then tell you whether you are able to come into the lobby (if the maximum of 4 has not been reached) or whether to wait in the car until the therapist comes to get you.
  3. We request that for all clients who are able, please avoid bringing anybody else with you to your appointments. If you need a driver to attend appointments, please ask them to wait in the car during appointments. This does not apply to minors.
  4. All clients are now able to enter using the main entrance and may sit in the lobby if the maximum number has not been reached.
  5. All clients are required to sanitize their hands and put on a mask prior to entering the clinic. Hand sanitizer will be provided.
  6. Whenever possible, please minimize contact with public surfaces within the clinic. Our staff will be disinfecting all frequently contacted surfaces between each client.
  7. After your appointment we will process payment and if applicable, schedule a follow-up appointment. To promote contactless payment, you may provide a Mastercard or Visa number prior to the appointment which can be put through by the receptionist and then you are emailed a receipt. We also accept e-transfers if you prefer. 
  8. Prior to leaving the clinic, we require each client sanitize their hands.
  9. The receptionist will log each client's appointment times and any additional people who come with that client for contact tracing purposes. They will also sign the log to show that each client had a negative COVID screen.



  1. Sign Covid-19 screening sheet prior to coming to clinic. Call the clinic/Shannon if any changes to the screening.
  2. Minimize the personal belongings brought to the clinic. Include work essentials and meals only.
  3. Enter the clinic through the staff entrance.
  4. Drop-off personal belongings in designated areas.
  5. Wash hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  6. Put on a face mask, if not already wearing one.
  7. Sanitize faucet after use.
  8. Drop-off COVID-19 screening form (on last shift each week).
  9. Wipe-down all high-contact surfaces in the therapy room, and sanitize bed and chairs.
  10. No sooner than 5-minutes prior to client appointment time, go to the designated client parking spot, as dictated by the front desk staff, to let the client into the building. Client may also be in the lobby depending on numbers.
  11. Hold the door open for the client to enter the building.
  12. Ensure clients follow Client Protocol sanitation and check-in procedures prior to taking them to their treatment room.
  13. Wash your hands prior to entering the treatment room with the client, either while the client is completing sign in procedures or before treatment begins.
  14. Ask the client to wear a mask throughout treatment (unless face down on the plinth) and to minimize contact with surfaces.
  15. If a client needs to remove any articles of clothing, ensure they are stored in the designated area.
  16. After treatment, ask the client to sanitize hands upon leaving the treatment room/when going to book a follow-up appointment.
  17. Take any laundry directly to the laundry room and place it in the designated laundry basket.
  18. Sanitize bed and chairs (done by either the therapist or front desk staff).
  19. Wash hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  20. Complete chart notes.

Employees are required to complete the COVID-19 screening form at the start of each week, and sign the form each day they are at the clinic to verify that there have been no changes. Employees are required to notify the clinic immediately if they develop any symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.

COVID Waiver Form