Time Monday Tuesday Thursday
9 AM Yoga Yoga
1030 AM Weights and Whine Weights and Whine
1145 AM  Mobility Lower Body Rehab
5 PM Body Balance Body Balance
6 PM Yoga Total Body Reset




Class descriptions:


This mobility class will consist of several methods of stretching such as foam rolling, muscle release and band work. The class is designed to help circulation, lengthen and strengthen muscles and promote joint mobility and stability.

Weights and Whine

Weights and Whine is a combination of upper and lower body exercises incorporating core and balance components throughout the class. It is a circuit style class where the instructor can make modifications if needed. Weights and Whine uses equipment throughout the class such as the Cable Machine, Rower, Sliders, Dumbbells, Therapy Bands and more!

Total Body Reset

This class consists of upper and lower body workouts with core and mobility exercises throughout the class in a circuit style. It is a mix of functional strength and endurance with cardio components added into it. The class will use multiple pieces of equipment such as TRX, Battle Ropes, Dumbbells, Bosu Balls and the Cable Machine just to name a few!

Body Balance

Body Balance will allow you to reset and unlock your body with mobility and strength exercises. It will use functional strength movements to help you move past any physical barriers to movement and to get you back to feeling balanced and confident!

Lower Body Rehab

This class is for those those who have been dealing with any lower body injuries, trying to prevent surgery or are recovering from hip or knee surgery. Lower Body Rehab improves range of motion, strength and balance in the lower body so you can return to the activities you love!





Derek Humble is a certified Raja yoga instructor. “Raja Yoga” basically incorporates yoga postures and the philosophy of being a good person.

Derek will teach open classes that may include a moderate level of physical activity, deep breathing and gentle stretches. There are always options and variations offered to suit all student levels!

Classes offered in person:

Mondays and Thursdays at 9 am

Tuesdays at 6 pm

Saturdays 9 am - couples yoga


Call the clinic to secure your spot in the class!



Personal Training (one-on-one) - $60 per one hour session

Small Group Training

  • 2 people - $80 per session
  • 3 people - $90 per session

Yoga or Strength Class Prices

    $18 per class
      10 class pack for $155 
        20 class pack for $280 

            Team Strength and Conditioning Training

            Please contact the clinic to discuss pricing for team training.