Golf warmup exercises!

Shannon Morrison
Mobility exercises for home!
1. Pelvic tilts – work on anterior tilt (creating increased curve in low back) and posterior tilt (tucking buttocks under – rounding lower back)

2. Mid back mobility – stretch against the wall

  • Stand with your back to the wall but do not touch legs/buttocks to the wall
  • Pretend as if you are addressing the ball
  • Then turn to try to touch your hands to the wall
  • DO NOT move your head!
  • Then twist to the other side
  • You are trying to increase your movement through your backswing and follow through

On-course warm-up

Prior to hitting balls on the driving range, all players need to warm up their body. If you arrive too close to your tee time then do some of these exercises on the first tee while you are waiting for your partners to play.

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Exercise #1: Upper body mobility - cross your arms across your body and then open as wide as you can. Repeat 10x.


Exercise #2: Rotation: Put a golf club behind your shoulders and work on rotating your body gradually increasing your movement over 10 repetitions. You can also hook the golf club under your arms across your midback and do rotations that mimic your golf swing.


Exercise #3: Leg swings - forward and backwards plus out to the side - 10x 

Exercise #4: Hip Rotations - 10x