Do you want to improve self-confidence?

                                    Do you want to increase your motivation?

                                                                          Do you want to feel more resilient?


If your answer is yes to any of these questions then a session with our mental performance consultant might be beneficial for you!


What is mental performance?


Mental performance services can help athletes, musicians and those recovering from injury to develop the mental skills they need to improve their performance and well-being in both sport and daily life. It can also help coaches and teachers to assist their athletes/students in their performances.


Whether you have a major competition/performance in your future or you are struggling with a specific aspect of your return to sport then our mental performance consultant can assist you. Greta will use a holistic approach to help individuals identify and develop their strengths while limiting their weaknesses to ultimately achieve their athletic or personal/professional performance.


Some of the areas which may be explored include:

  • Setting achievable goals
  • Coping with stressors and setbacks
  • Managing perfectionism
  • Regulating nerves and emotions
  • Applying imagery
  • Using self-talk

PLUS so many more!


Treatment options:

  • Individual sessions - clients can benefit from an individualized approach that tailors these skills to best suit their performance goals.
  • Group workshops - to help teams, clubs, and organizations take a unified approach to a skill that would strengthen their collective culture and objectives.


Mental performance services do not include the diagnosis or treatment of mental health concerns or mental illness. however, referral pathways can be explored with the client’s consent if needed.